Polish Socialist Party

We will not stop fighting until we have a new just order, one without injustice and exploitation.

Józef Piłsudski

For over 130 years, the Polish Socialist Party has been helping Polish people fulfill their dreams of a better world. We fight for a society where no child has to grow up in poverty, where everyone can live in peace, dignity, and social security, and each person can shape society democratically.

There is no democracy without socially engaged citizens. That is why the Polish Socialist Party aims to give real control over politics to the widest possible group of Polish people, so that decisions are made according to the needs of the people, not the interests of a few. That is why we promote active citizen participation in public life and support the development of civil society.

The Polish Socialist Party believes that to achieve our goals, we must strive for social justice and equality of opportunity. We fight against inequalities that divide our society into the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless. We want everyone to have equal opportunities for development, regardless of their background or material status.

We aim to build a country where no one will be left to fend for themselves, and the common good will always be a priority. By realizing our socialist demands, we will make Poland a strong nation that sets a positive example for the whole world.

Join us. Together, let’s fulfill our dreams of a better Poland and a better world.


The return of fascism is looming over Poland. We are fighting to stop the dark forces threatening our country and the whole world.


We are socialists, like Daszyński, Piłsudski and Dubois. Our aims are social justice and a prosperous life for everyone, regardless of their wealth.


We are working for the interests of Poland in Europe and the world. In changing Poland for the better, we remember our ancestors' fight for independence.

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